Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform to Replace PacketShaper

Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform

Allot Ltd (NASDAQ: ALLT) (TASE: ALLT), a global provider of leading innovative traffic intelligence and security solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers worldwide, was chosen by Broadcom as the recommended vendor offering a transition from PacketShaper to Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform powered by Application Control Gateway (ACG) and Secure Service Gateway (SSG).

With this replacement you will retain network efficiency with all existing visibility and control functionalities, and you will gain additional key capabilities such as:

  • Superior performance of up to 250 Gbps throughput & 600,000 policies in one device for easy scalability of all IT and network needs.
  • Centralized management including provisioning of policies to distributed deployments for improved productivity through reduction of duplicated efforts.
  • Service Assurance with embedded inbound and outbound DDoS protection to ensure reputation and business critical applications.
  • TCP Optimization to mitigate latency and maximize QoE.
  • Web Security with Secure Web Gateway services such as URL filtering and antimalware.


Why Allot?
Allot Traffic Intelligence Platform provides a consolidated view of the corporate network so that network and security teams can act precisely and quickly to assure IT operations, network and application services and end-user Excellent Digital Experience.

With Allot platform you can align network performance to business priorities, increase productivity, and protect operations and users from web-borne threats in a single platform at low TCO.

Allot Traffic Intelligence Platform can support your business applications’ transition to the cloud to provide you with full visibility and control over your applications’ usage in the cloud.

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