SASE Network Security that Enables Your Organization to Work from Anywhere

SASE Network Security that Enables Your Organization to Work from Anywhere Purpose Built to Secure Any User to Any Application from Anywhere. The iboss SASE Cloud Platform is a purpose built, patented, cloud delivered security gateway on a containerized architecture. This approach consolidates security technologies (SWG, CASB, DLP, IPS, Malware Defense, Firewall) into a single unified platform, eliminating appliances in the security stack, and reducing the need for VPN while securing any device, regardless of location. The Challenge: Your applications have moved to…


5 Steps to Build out your SASE Roadmap

5 Steps to Build out your SASE Roadmap Millions of employees shifted from working in the office to working remotely. This expanded the network perimeter and strained the existing VPN infrastructure leading to overloaded and slow connections. This in turn resulted in reduced productivity due to poor access to cloud applications. The shift to remote work required organizations to send cloud application traffic through a VPN if they wanted to apply network security policy to the traffic.  This legacy model of backhauling traffic through a VPN is inefficient, and organizations need to search for alternative solutions that provide faster and more secure connectivity to cloud apps to keep their workforce productive. Moving your network security to…


Attacks Against the Government Sector

The government sector, is a prime target for hackers. Attacks from organized criminals, foreign countries, political hacktivists, and others not only erode public trust in targeted government entities, but can also seriously impact government operations and the ability to deliver critical functions—not to mention the financial cost and risk to sensitive information and vital infrastructure.


Zero Trust approach to Cybersecurity

Every organization, of any size or shape, is under constant threat of attack, the consequences of which can be devastating. Zero Trust ensures that critical assets can only be reached by those offering proof positive that they have the credentials, identity, and need to access them.


Kaspersky and SCOPE Middle East strengthen partnership in the GCC Region

Following a successful partnership across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Africa and LEVANT region, Kaspersky and SCOPE Middle East a value – added distributor are now expanding the relationship into UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Yemen to provide its wide range of industry leading products and services to organizations across the gulf market. Through this strategic agreement, Dubai-based SCOPE Middle East will leverage its strong network reach to provide advance cyber security services and products to its partners and customers developing new…


Success Story : Why Gulf Air Chose the WALLIX Bastion

Why Gulf Air Chose the WALLIX Bastion to protect its IT assets. The information stored on Gulf Air servers and within business applications are arguably some of the company’s most valuable assets. Every precaution must be taken to protect them from loss or unauthorized access to keep the highest level of data confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.


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