adenin TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 1999 with the mission to create modern Intranet software that promotes productivity and empowers decision-makers in real-time by bringing many types of data together in one portal. Fast-forward to today and the business app landscape has vastly changed. Some trends have come and gone, while others have permanently changed our understanding of what it takes to bring sustainable productivity to users.

With over 15 years of experience in making Intranets, SharePoint customizations and designing information architectures we know a thing or two about creating progressive enterprise software.

Today adenin products cater for the diverse needs of customers from all industries with employees ranging from 10 to 10,000.

adenin Family of Products


The modern Intranet Software for the Digital Workplace

The IntelliEnterprise intranet solution was created for enterprise, by enterprise from the ground up. An all-inclusive enterprise portal, IntelliEnterprise encompasses an Intranet CMS, HR portal, fully-featured collaboration solution and more – a modern intranet for the modern workplace.

Create an Intranet CMS, an Enterprise Portal, a Social Intranet and more. IntelliEnterprise excels at content, has great people skills, and can do search, applications and process automation blindfolded.

(All features included in all license tiers.)

IntelliEnterprise helps organizations to boost their employees productivity, create a social platform for collaboration and build a digital workplace for the modern enterprise.

With over 15 years of experience in creating Intranets, adenin has put all its efforts towards creating an Intranet software that has innovative and smart features that will never hinder but always inform your decisions and accelerate your performance.

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Digital Assistant Your smart assistant for work

Receive smart notifications about your workday, ask your personal AI anything on the go and work smarter by integrating all existing business data into one solution.

adenin AI constantly scans your data for notable events and notifies you in real-time using the intelligent Assistant Cards, so you don’t waste any time catching up with system-generated emails.

Keep up to date with your data with a single glance

Digital Assistant continously pulls live data from all your connected services so you can get an overview over your day by simply glancing at your personalized Board. And if things change in the source, they’ll update instantly. The ultimate way to get back valuable time. 

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