Why Go Cloud?

Infrastructure as a Service delivered through a public cloud unlocks speed, reliability and easy scalability while substantially reducing capital expenditure. Find out how our cloud solutions enable your business by exploring our Services.

Watch a short video that demonstrates how cloud solutions unlock tremendous cost savings while priming your IT for business growth.


Public Cloud

Blazingly fast, completely secure and incredibly scalable, Encloud’s cloud services rely on two Tier 3 data centres hosted locally in the UAE. All your data and operations fall under the protection of UAE law, and never leave the country’s borders. Close proximity unlocks faster speeds and greater accessibility.

Gain full control over how your cloud functions through a full-fledged Encloud Management Portal. Assign resources, subscribe to new services, handle usage and billing and assign user roles from a single intuitive interface. And we’re on call round the clock if you ever need assistance.

Choose one of our packages to jumpstart your IT department. If our default configurations don’t fully fit your needs, please give us a call so that our consultancy team can design a package tailored to your exact requirements.

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Disaster Recovery (DRAAS)

Avoid the financial losses that come with business downtime. Recover within minutes if your critical IT services suffer an outage. Encloud is the only cloud service provider in the UAE with two distinct data centres in separate geographical locations. We replicate your critical applications, data and infrastructure to our secondary zone and switch you over when needed.

Encloud’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS) delivers cost savings of over 50% compared to purchasing a standalone disaster recovery mechanism. In short, we free up your business capital so you can invest in success.

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Pay only for the software resources you use with Encloud’s subscription-based Software As a Service. Dramatically reduce software acquisition costs and eliminate the overheads of installation, configuration and regular updates. With Encloud’s SaaS, your key applications are always ready and available when you need them.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver the key software you need when you need it while substantially reducing your investment.

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