Feed their need for a more satisfying experience. More users. More devices. More apps. More content. It all leads to more and more demand for network and application performance.

​Businesses are turning to Performance Center to get visibility into performance, decide how best to allocate bandwidth, and optimize performance via caching.

Our customers are using Performance Center technologies to:

Anticipate shopper needs: Retailers are turning to Performance Center products to engage customers while they shop in stores—through personalized tips, information, or coupons delivered instantly to their smartphones.

Blue ​Coat Family of Products

Understand bandwidth usage: Performance Center gives customers visibility into how devices are being used, so they can better decisions about how to allocate and/or purchase bandwidth in the BYOD era.

Control performance based on business priorities: Apps use a huge amount of the company’s bandwidth—but they’re not always used for business. With Performance Center customers can slow down recreational apps during business hours, and speed up business apps such as SAP, Salesforce.com, and videoconferencing.

Optimize performance without increasing costs: Buying more bandwidth isn’t the only way to speed up apps. With Performance Center, customers are taking advantage of caching, stream-splitting, and other technologies to boost the performance of media-rich apps—and saving money.



Faster performance. Half the bandwidth.

The Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance is a high-performance web caching solution designed to help service providers save significantly on bandwidth and accelerate the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content, including video. CacheFlow easily scales to support more users and greater traffic volumes over time, plus provides built-in tools for web traffic reporting and filtering to protect users.

With CacheFlow, you don’t have to keep buying expensive bandwidth to meet performance goals. Using CacheFlow, you can dramatically cut infrastructure costs and deliver a more responsive web experience.
And with the patent-pending CachePulse technology, customers can be confident the CacheFlow solution will sustain high bandwidth savings and user experience gains over the long haul. CachePulse tracks the ever-changing web, so as new sites emerge or popular sites change how they deliver content, new caching rules and instruction updates are automatically delivered from the CachePulse cloud to the CacheFlow appliance.​​​

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Power, flexibility, and speed in one appliance

More business than ever is done in branch offices and remote sites, but fewer and fewer IT resources (applications, personnel, servers, etc.) are hosted there. Applications are being consolidated (sometimes centralized, sometimes outsourced) – cost is a driver, but compliance is the catalyst.

In many cases, a consolidated application translates to a poorly performing application. Long distances between users and applications, skinny/latency-prone network pipes, and applications and protocols stretched beyond their design limits mean poor application performance at remote sites. These issues are exacerbated by the introduction of additional bandwidth-hungry, latency-sensitive applications such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) and video.

The industry response is predictable – accelerate the traffic. While appropriate at a high level, the rush to a solution has left out some important questions – e.g., should everything be accelerated? If not, which applications are key? How are they evolving? What about encryption? How are networks evolving? Does MPLS or going directly to the Internet from remote sites change things? Given the significant deployment efforts associated with rolling out acceleration technology, these questions merit consideration. Any solution under consideration to accelerate applications should be considered with the answers to the above questions in mind. Acceleration technologies range from compression to caching, to bandwidth management and protocol optimization. All of these techniques have benefits, but for a given application, some improve performance more than others. Each user and application combination has an ideal set of acceleration techniques – apply the wrong techniques and performance benefits can be nullified. Enterprises (both private and public sector) need all of the techniques mentioned above for the array of applications deemed important to the business (file services, e-mail, web, secure web, video) – but what about the countless “applications” that run on the enterprise network that are not business-related, or worse – harmful to the business? Given that ~30% of enterprise network bandwidth is consumed by unauthorized applications (web advertisements, inappropriate web surfing, P2P, Skype, spyware, etc.), removing the undesirable can be as important as accelerating the desirable.

Blue Coat’s MACH5 is a patent-pending framework of technologies designed to bring all of the appropriate acceleration techniques (bandwidth management, compression, protocol optimization, byte caching, and object caching) to all of an enterprise’s key applications – including web, secure web, file services, email, and video. MACH5 is delivered in Blue Coat appliances, which means that it enables organizations to manage all of their user/application interactions – to stop undesirable applications, throttle less-important applications, differentiate users and groups, and accelerate critical applications – even when encrypted.​

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Unmatched auto-detection of both applications and Web content categories makes Blue Coat PacketShaper a complete visibiavy traffic. PacketShaper lets you measure network application performance, categorize and manage Web traffic based on its content, guarantee quality-of-service (QoS) for preferred applications and content, and contain the impact of undesirable traffic.

Application Performance Monitoring Module: Discover and monitor more than 700 applications with deep Layer 7 deep packet inspection for an accurate picture of application traffic, plus tens of millions of Web sites by content category. Standard on all PacketShaper models.

  • Shaping Module: Guarantee bandwidth for latency-sensitive applications, assign priorities to applications and Web content categories, and contain the impact of lower-priority traffic using flexible policy-based control.
  • Compression Module:Increase WAN capacity while improving application performance with the PacketShaper’s application intelligent Compression Module.
  • Blue Coat PolicyCenter Software: Manage multi-unit PacketShaper deployments with comprehensive control, centralized configuration management, software distribution and Adaptive Response using PolicyCenter.
  • Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter:Software Simplify enterprise-wide application performance managemenerprise-wide application performance management with centralized monitoring, network forensics, and historical performance reports.
  • Hardware Extensions: Extend PacketShaper across the enterprise, meeting the demands of complex corporate topologies and unique deployment criteria with hardware extensions.​

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