C3M Cloud Control

Making Your Cloud Journey Secure and Compliant

Product Overview

C3M, LLC is a San Francisco headquartered Cloud Security solutions provider. C3M’s cloud security platform is a 100% Agent-less, API based, cloud-native security solution that offers organisations complete cloud control through automated security intelligence, giving them actionable insights into the cloud, its security, and infrastructure, while also auto-remediating any security violations it detects. The solution has four (4) key modules:  Cloud Security Governance, Cloud Compliance Management, Cloud Identity, and Access Management, and Cloud Query Language.

Cloud Control offers 24*7 security monitoring, risk identification and remediation in a multi-cloud environment. 87% of enterprises globally have a “Cloud First” orientation but with that comes risk. Security breaches can come from misconfigurations and human error. Compliance frameworks are continually evolving, keeping up with your cloud inventory is challenging and not every enterprise really understands their duties in a shared responsibility security model with the cloud service providers.

Target Industries



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