What is casting, and why do your guests want it?

What is casting, and why do your guests want it? What is casting?Casting, or screen casting, allows video, music, or other content to play on a different screen or display. Unlike traditional hotel entertainment options like premium channels, pay-per-view or even Smart TVs, casting allows guests to use their own devices to play their favorite content on in-room equipment.Not to be confused with screen mirroring, casting designed for hotels allows guests to multitask or use their devices for other purposes. Guests can watch…


How Single-Sign-On Reduces the Workload of IT Administrators

WALLIX Trustelem - Single Sign On (SSO) Solution How Single-Sign-On Reduces the Workload of IT AdministratorsBy definition, the principle of Single-Sign-On or SSO is to provide one unique authentication to users for all business applications, simplifying their lives and facilitating efficiency.If the improvements in terms of security (strong authentication, controlled and traced access, associated with application access permissions by user and IP zone) and user experience are obvious, the implementation of such a tool also allows IT administrators to save a significant amount…


Data Loss Prevention Best Practices by Symantec

Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention (DLP) |  Whitepaper 10 things you can do to improve DLP in the time of Covid If the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has taught people anything, it is that the health, safety and security of one’s family is a paramount issue that can’t – and shouldn’t – be ignored.That new emphasis on safety goes beyond employing methods such as frequent hand washing, practicing social distancing and wearing a face covering in many social situations. With more people working from…


Ensuring Business Continuity

Ensuring Business Continuity |  Whitepaper However, these radical changes are not without their challenges. One respondent, a Senior Manager of a 1-249 employees, $1M-9.99M company writes, “Remote access infrastructure enabling work-from-home is overwhelmed at primary client. Not enough capacity for everyone to work from home. This is affecting productivity and will likely result in delayed project timelines and increased project costs.” Download our FREE NETSCOUT whitepaper below, find out more on how to ensure business continuity, assuring remote workers user experience across VPN…


Everything connected is protected

Your IT infrastructure doesn’t stand still. It’s fluid, multi-faceted, and agile. You’re fine-tuning constantly, leveraging changing technologies to optimize your business. Yet, as your infrastructure evolves, so do your cybersecurity risks.


Why cyber threats persist despite significant investment to counteract them

The Necessity of Full Packet Capture (FPC) | Datasheet Why do cyber threats persist despite significant investment to counteract them? The fundamental reason that many cyber attacks still get through is because all traditional security sensors still rely upon known vectors. While many solutions claim to supply us with “all the data,” it is important to inquire whether it is really “all of it” or just “all of that which they are aggregating.”For example, log aggregation solutions may suggest “we have all the…


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