Extended Threat Intelligence

Product Overview

As an Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) platform SOCRadar, unifies EASM, DPRS, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. Adopting a proactive security approach with a hacker mindset, we aim to put security teams in a better position to detect blindspots before hackers exploit them. 

Early warning is one of the pillars SOCRadar’s strategy relies on. With contextualized and actionable intelligence, we help organizations get ahead of cyber threats by detecting them in the pre-exploit period.

Challenged by the understaffed teams, security leaders can effectively use SOCRadar as an extension to SOC teams. SOCRadar alerts in the planning phase of an attack and lets the SOC teams know about the stolen data before it is widely distributed or used in an attack.

Target Industries



Oil & Gas




SOCRadar Distribution Team

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