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Product Overview

SearchInform is one of the leading risk management product developers. More than 3,000 companies across 20+ countries are SearchInform clients.

The company’s current product portfolio includes solutions for comprehensive protection against internal threats: SearchInform FileAuditor, SearchInform DLP, SearchInform Risk Monitor, SearchInform SIEM, TimeInformer.

SearchInform provides clients with advanced tools for data protection and risk mitigation at different levels. At the level of IT infrastructure, protection is ensured by the SIEM system, at the level of file system – by FileAuditor (DCAP), at the level of workstations, data channels and human-related risks – by the DLP system. The solutions are integrated seamlessly, operate on a single technological platform and can be deployed within a few hours. SearchInform development team has been creating search technologies for unstructured data since 1995. In 2004, the company started developing and marketing information security solutions. Today, the company has products and services for comprehensive protection against insider threats at all levels of corporate information systems.

The solutions monitor user activities within the corporate network: hardware related, software and files on computers, file servers and the web activity, analyzing employees’ behaviour and predicting risks. All the systems integrate seamlessly with each other, which makes it possible to quickly obtain data on all events in the IT infrastructure, detect and prevent incidents.

Integrated operation of the tools creates synergy effect and makes each one of them even more effective.

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