SASE Network Security that Enables Your Organization to Work from Anywhere

Purpose Built to Secure Any User to Any Application from Anywhere.

The iboss SASE Cloud Platform is a purpose built, patented, cloud delivered security gateway on a containerized architecture. This approach consolidates security technologies (SWG, CASB, DLP, IPS, Malware Defense, Firewall) into a single unified platform, eliminating appliances in the security stack, and reducing the need for VPN while securing any device, regardless of location.

The Challenge:

Your applications have moved to the cloud (Microsoft 365, CRM, HR, Marketing automation, corporate applications in public clouds like: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) but your security architecture still consists of an outdated, legacy “castle and moat” on-prem appliance architecture.

Rapid Shifts in Networking have Created New IT Challenges

IT Challenges

About iboss

iboss provides over 4000 global customers including one of the top 3 across all major industry verticals and their employees, fast and secure access to the Internet on any device, from any location, in the cloud. The iboss SASE Cloud Platform eliminates the need for traditional network security appliances, such as firewalls and web gateway proxies, which are ineffective at protecting a cloud-first and mobile world. Jump-start your SASE transformation with iboss and experience the future of cloud security today. Learn more about the platform at

iboss Success Story: Case Study

Fortune 10 Energy and Chemical Manufacture Seamlessly Migrates from on-prem to SASE Cloud

As one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers, this organization develops and applies next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products. An industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy and chemical manufacturing businesses, they operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries, explore for oil and natural gas on six continents, and research and develop next-generation technologies to help meet the dual challenge of fueling global economies while addressing the risks of climate change



The Solution:

Your data and applications are in the cloud; your security should be too. A dynamic business world in the era of cloud and mobility, requires an equally robust Cloud Network Security Platform.

iboss' Platform: Cloud Delivered SaaS Network Security

With users working from anywhere and data and applications in the cloud, security needs to be delivered from the cloud. Secure internet access on any device, on any network, from any location and cloud.

iboss' Platform: Cloud Delivered SaaS Network Security

  • Allow users to connect directly and securely to cloud applications, without relying on slow VPN
  • Reduce MPLS cost by removing cloud traffic from internal network connections
  • Reduces or eliminates VPN license costs and support
  • Faster access and lower latency with users going straight to the cloud
  • Security with Privacy: Data isolation from containerized architecture increases compliance with GDPR, PII, HIPAA & other privacy regulations
  • Private dedicated IP space makes public applications private

Modern Award-Winning SASE Platform

  • Visionary for SWG/SASE Gartner MQ
  • 230+ Patents and the world’s largest containerized SASE cloud fabric
  • Users connect securely and directly to any and all cloud applications
  • SaaS cloud security agnostic of user location and device

Scalable Proven Cloud SaaS Fabric

  • 100+ Global points of presence
  • 100+ Countries where users are connected and protected
  • 150+ Billion secured transactions daily and growing
  • 4+ Billion blocked security threats daily
3-year ROI on average
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Lower operations cost
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More efficient IT Teams
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Reduced security risk
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Secure Connectivity Everywhere.

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