The world leader in application and network performance management products and solutions.Your business and reputation rely on the “Always up” availability of these systems and services. NETSCOUT are in the business of keeping all of those discrete pieces running in harmony and without interruption.

 NETSCOUT has developed the unique ability to capture, order, and analyze all of your network traffic in real time. While this may seem like a tall order, and it is, we feel it is the only way to provide you deep insight into the overall health and well-being of your enterprise.

NETSCOUT Family of Products


nGenius 2200 Series Packet Flow Switch

Hardware-accelerated packet optimization and active tool chaining deliver advanced packet flow switching for 10G networks. Modular chassis provides up to 24 10GigE/1GigE ports:
  • Simplify operational complexity
  • Enhance efficiency of security systems
  • Easily scalable your visibility plane with self-organizing mesh architecture
  • Add, test, and change security systems without network disruption
  • Filter and forward only the traffic of interest to each monitoring or security system
  • Manage a variety of network protocols, including encrypted packets
  • Buffer and mitigate issues resulting from bursty traffic conditions

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