Cybersecurity Services

Whether you’re an Enterprise, Medium or Small business, you need cybersecurity assurance. With our vast experience in cybersecurity space, we will not only help you identify and gain visibility on your weaknesses; but put you in the right path to mitigate threats and reduce your attack surface with our in-depth testing and auditing

Penetration Testing

Test your infrastructure resiliency with our ethical hacking activities. Our team will perform the most extreme real world scenarios on your infrastructure whether it is Network, Application, Mobile Application or IoT devices.

Vulnerability Assessment

Gain visibility on your attack surface and Manage, track and fix your vulnerabilities with our continuous vulnerability assessment model. Monthly scans, false positive elimination, custom reports an quarterly penetration test all in one package.

Configuration Review

Harden your infrastructure by continuously review your configuration With our experience in security best practices, our team will help you achieve the best hardening status and follow best industry standards without compromising your performance and productivity.

Source Code Review

Whether you're building your own in house software or providing software solution to others, your code will need to be reviewed. With best security practices in mind, our source code review service will help you build a secure and resilient software from the ground up.

Red Teaming

How well equipped and trained your cybersecurity team is against real world scenarios ? Threat actors ? Nation state actors ? Ransomware gangs ? Will they be able to detect, respond and defend your infrastructure ?. Our red team engagement is designed to test your resiliency, monitoring, response, detection and defense against real-world scenarios. This engagement will not only test your infrastructure, but also the capabilities of your SOC team, IR team and solutions deployed in your environment. It will also test your employees awareness against phishing and social engineering approaches. Book a free consultation session and let's keep your blue team on their toes!

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