Scaling Secure Remote Access for Company-Wide Business Continuity

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This white paper highlights why typical VPNs will not scale in terms of security, cost, ease-of-use or performance and why remote desktop access is a superior choice for surge remote access and enterprise-class business continuity planning. 


Unexpected business disruptions take many shapes and forms, spanning minor events to extreme disasters. Inclement weather, labor actions, cyberattacks, or paramedics  and public health issues – no matter the nature of disruptions, they all have potential to prevent employees from getting to their place of work.

Dealing with such disruptions requires proper Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to avoid productivity and revenue loss. Proper BCP must include detailed remote access plans. Traditional VPN Solutions typically provide business continuity for a portion of the workforce, but there isn’t always time or budget to scale existing remote access solution for the in-office employees in the event of business disruption.