Why Multi CDN is the NEW standard for content delivery

We got you covered just in case you didn’t manage to join us for our mlytics introductory webinar, please fill out the form to watch the recording and get to learn why single CDN may not be enough for your business, and how Multi CDN can benefit. 

[Recorded Webinar]

In this webinar recording, you will get to learn;

  • What is a CDN.
  • What is multi CDN.
  • Why mlytics has the best approach.
  • How a Multi CDN marketplace delivers lightening fast and secure web services.
  • How to remove the complexity of managing multi CDNs.

mlytics delivers lightning-fast and 100% uptime of your eCommerce and web applications and removes the complexity of managing multi Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Which CDN do you choose? And can they guarantee consistent reliability, performance and security globally? We all know that no individual CDN is perfect.

This has led to a growing acceptance to achieve the above requirements an organisation must invest in multi-CDNs but this brings many challenges -:

  • Complexity
  • Expense
  • Locked in contracts
  • time constraints and many more challenges.

The mlytics multi-CDN marketplace gives you access to the world’s leading CDNs in a single, secure, and easy to manage platform. One bill, no locked-in or long term contracts, China access, and above all 100% guarantee that your application will be delivered at all times to anywhere in the world without user intervention.

Let us introduce mlytics.com – the world’s first multi-CDN marketplace. Come and learn how mlytics achieves this by watching our recorded webinar.